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Screenwriter / Filmmaker/ Voice Over Artist 

I'm a screenwriter, filmmaker, and voice over artist who is always looking for the next artistic adventure! 


Check out my award-winning comedy horror short film, Lunch Ladies, now on Kanopy, Troma Now!, Dark Matter TV, and more.  Lunch Ladies, has been in over one-hundred festivals all over the world - including prestigious Clermont-Ferrand - has won forty-two awards and garnered over eighty positive reviews.  I also developed an extensive social media platform for the film and a website with over two hundred blogs - so head over to my Lunch Ladies website for more info!   


In addition, my screenplays – Land Of Milk And Honey, Stella by Starlight, and The Cross, The Crystal, The Camera are optioned, I wrote a book, "I Made A Short Film WTF Do I Do With It (a guide to film festivals, promotion, and surviving the ride)," now available HERE, and I write, direct and produce projects with Shayna Weber. 


See our work at REBEL MINX


I have a BA in theatre from Indiana University and trained at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  I am a long-standing member of Twin Bridges Writing Salon, love a good thrift shop and reside in Los Angeles with all the other wonderful weirdos.

Commercial Voice Over Demo - Clarissa Jacobson
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Animation Voice Over Demo - Clarissa Jacobson
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Hoodwinked Too!
Hoodwinked Too!

Lunch Ladies is an Award-Winning Comedy Horror Short Created By Clarissa 


Now on: Kanopy, Troma Now!, Dark Matter TVOsorezone Japan, Curtcircuit33 Barcelonaand Blu-Ray!



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On Troma Nowand Blu-Ray

The compelling, shocking, and incredibly important story of a woman named Clarissa Jacobson who made a movie named Lunch Ladies then realized it wasn't important and has now made something very important.  See it with Lunch Ladies on Troma Now! and the Hellarious Blu-Ray Anthology!


A REBEL MINX Production

Comedic YouTube Content

Shot on iPhone during quarantine


I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It

(a guide to film festivals, promotion, and surviving the ride)

is jam-packed with hard-earned knowledge, tips, and secrets on how to enter film festivals, promote your movie… and SUCCEED! 


I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It covers everything from what festivals to submit to, how to maximize your money, secure an international presence, deal with rejection, gain publicity, harness the power of social media, what a sales rep does and much more.  


Included are exclusive filmmaker discounts on services/products from subtitling company, Captionmax,  and promo merchandisers, MediasFrankenstein and The Ink Spot.


Order your signed hard copy or PDF!

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I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It
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